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The Newest Metric for Financial Success: Customers’ Emotions

"For Jason Escamilla, CEO of ImpactAdvisor, a wealth management firm that focuses on values-based investments, emotions and money are inextricably linked, as values-based investments are often driven by emotional responses to causes. (For example, an investor may choose not to invest in companies that he or she sees engages in practices detrimental to the environment.)

But..."Being emotional is not an edge in investing," he said."

Tearsheet, Aug. 2017

When Social Responsibility Becomes an Investment Strategy

"Social responsibility is the central theme of US-based software provider Impact Labs. In September, it announced the launch of the first algorithmic portfolio software solely for those who actively adopt ESG investing."

Waters: Trading Technologies for Financial-Market Professionals, Dec. 2016 issue

Impact Investing For the Rest of Us

"The advent of robo-advisors can make sustainable and impact investing less costly than going through a human financial advisor by automating the process and using algorithms to invest according to a customer’s preferences. ....Impact Labs provide(s) investors with choices to invest in environmental or social issues."

ImpactAlpha, Oct. 2016

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